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Sd Card Scania MC-Truck Europe 2020
  • Sd Card Scania MC-Truck Europe 2020
  • Sd Card Scania MC-Truck Europe 2020

SCANIA MicroSD card Truck & Bus Europe 2019

VAT included

Micro Sd EUR 2019

MC Truck WEUR_2018-2019 v2 Touch Connect


For all Scania MC-Truck models. 5-inch screen.

Maps include Industrial Areas, Exits and Toll Booths, Transportation, Underpasses and much more.

Visual guidance plus vocal instructions. Multilanguage.


  • Valid for Scania MC-Truck models with 5-inch screen.

Cartography: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Monaco, Germany, Kingdom States, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City State, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Gibraltar, Sweden, Switzerland Main road network with truck attributes and connecting roads without truck attributes: - Czech Republic, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey Main road network with truck attributes: Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.

Content: 1 MicroSd with SD adapter Cartography Europe 2019.


The radio must be enabled for GPS navigation.

If navigation is not activated, you have to enable it.